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act, deed, human action, human activity

something that people do or cause to happen

event action activity

Things tagged with this GUID
action getting causing obstetrical delivery leaving uncovering disposition implementation emergence leveling exhumation mitzvah propulsion retrieval running away touching nonachievement leaning motivation assumption rejection sacrifice derivation activity hire wearing judgment production stay residency inactivity interference stoppage group action distribution legitimation waste promulgation communication speech act ride test test husbandry go to safety blitz piggyback track and field plyers Grand Canyon State observe vitiate creep whisker offense designing project develop Taskent yoga surpass throw out gamble game of chance racial extermination backrest rule waver hijack thumb walking mesmerize neglect syphilis juggling vizor snog laugh offer supply script military action pet showing expose sit model trick production tog dress up reuse replace supplant selection selection make up one's mind determination educational institution take fire lighting five vestibule parachute smoke turn to talk durables queue up seize thieve substance abuse suicide tackle politico give care care take off Jordanian dinar till journey trip obesity undress whistling whistle work toil work tail fin writing written language

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