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happening, natural event, occurrence, occurrent

an event that happens

event sport struggle shelter structure small intestine bacteriology word occurrent contest athletics race swimming meet swimming event match chemist circumstance conflict run twitch prevail be

Things tagged with this GUID
concomitant avalanche experience trouble treat miracle wonder thing episode eventuality beginning termination one-off recurrent event change of state error stroke fire incident discharge instance movement failure success appearance fate disappearance disappearance striking finish collapse interruption sound union news event flash convergence occasion outburst outbreak setback windfall crash supervention turn on tire displease joy envenom collide incinerate kill leap action activity lipstick Rumanian blind disrupt enable bear move transfer transfer transport transportation travel psychic phenomenon serum victory kennel video game election vote penny ante poker athletics be contest event occurrent match tie baseball season insulin screwdriver November fly test match rodeo supervise gourde stick shift Khalkha mouth copra oil

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