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alteration, change, modification, change of state

an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another

action occurrent

Things tagged with this GUID
acceleration slowing avulsion break mutation sublimation surprise nativity separation vagary variation conversion expiry lessening destabilization increase relief deformation transition transmutation twinkle shimmer transmutation impairment development revolution mutation sex change loss of consciousness work up touch on alkalinize allegorize blur redden break puncture break up turtle temper shut shut obscure convert vitiate crack crackle spring resolve dry out empty empty etiolate make full fill up flocculate put on thrive tangle with nod off grow moisturize mesmerize transpose liquefy right modulate mummify mythologize opalize opalize open up sweet potato vine preserve put refreshen reinstatement restore relax revolutionize jump appear appearance suburbanize sunbathe suntan tighten balloon turn break discus waken waken weather work up entail volte-face adulteration relocation downshift downshift filtration simplification decimalization metrification variation turning variegation flux switching substitution upgrade demotion modification movement movement reorientation change of magnitude change of integrity conversion updating change of shape satisfaction nationalization communization secularization rollover aeration transition tampering transference override reversal start rousing preparation seasoning infusion improvement beautification decoration worsening degradation change of color soilure wetting mastication defoliation specialization spiritualization termination movement

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