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a particular item of prepared food

nutrient victuals repast

Things tagged with this GUID
piece de resistance adobo side order special casserole soup stew paella viand mousse pudding custard topping turnover timbale fish stick buffalo wing barbecued wing barbeque biryani escalope de veau Orloff saute patty veal parmigiana veal cordon bleu sandwich plate snack food salad ingredient curry applesauce sauce coddled egg poached egg scrambled eggs stuffed egg shirred egg omelette souffle fried egg coq au vin chicken provencale chicken and rice moo goo gai pan bacon and eggs spareribs boeuf Bourguignonne filet de boeuf en croute bitok New England boiled dinner Boston baked beans bubble and squeak pasta carbonnade flamande chicken Marengo chicken cordon bleu Maryland chicken chicken paprikash Tetrazzini chicken Kiev chili con carne chop suey chow mein coquille coquilles Saint-Jacques croquette cottage pie rissole stuffed grape leaves spring roll eggs Benedict enchilada felafel fish and chips fondue fondue French toast fried rice frittata frog legs galantine gefilte fish haggis ham and eggs hash jambalaya shish kebab kedgeree seafood Newburg lobster thermidor lutfisk macedoine meatball meatloaf moussaka osso buco pheasant under glass pilaw pizza pie poi pork and beans porridge potpie rijsttaffel risotto roulade Salisbury steak sauerbraten sauerkraut scallopini scampi Scotch egg Scotch woodcock scrapple spaghetti and meatballs Spanish rice tartar steak pepper steak steak au poivre beef Stroganoff stuffed cabbage stuffed derma stuffed peppers stuffed tomato stuffed tomato succotash sukiyaki sashimi sushi Swiss steak tamale tamale pie tempura teriyaki terrine Welsh rarebit Wiener schnitzel taco burrito tostada refried beans couscous ramequin mould confect course repast woman

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