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matter that is solid at room temperature and pressure


Things tagged with this GUID
solid food precipitate plastic glass crystal pulverization dry ice vitrification water ice venter Valentine Day GI tract amniotic sac kingdom Animalia member axillary fossa Rumanian auditory system New Zealander dorsum Norwegian bar beak pecker porta baseball team brainstem convolution of Broca butter tush maths sura Queen City gristle cocoa systema nervosum centrale cerebellum hemisphere cerebrum cheek pat chest thorax mentum circulatory system linebacker transport coral reef cornea thalmencephalon leg it walk of life durables tympanum earlobe face plume turd stool Liberian dollar foetus Urdu forearm Lutheranism forehead frontal lobe fruit gill glottis inguen terra firma tract gum Balinese hair hair hair follicle rupee head heart valve heel hip Tuesday Hippocampus horn hypothalamus intervertebral disk iris jaw metacarpophalangeal joint lap leather ligament visceral brain lip medulla oblongata meninx metal midbrain dance floor ore Rolando's area musculature nail sinus paranasales sinus neck Greek capital nervus systema nervosum tit Berkeley occipital lobe St. Kitts and Nevis organ thenar mph parietal lobe pelvis pericardium afterbirth woody plant pons Varolii pupil salesperson reproductive system systema respiratorium retina scale sex organ shin shoulder systema skeletale pore solidness spinal cord sodbuster stinger straw tar tastebud temporal lobe thalamus thigh charge charge tear tile tonsilla pinky tooth first aid urogenital system ventricle visual system whole number vocal fold dorsal fin waistline wax Wernicke's center physical structure person wicker withers

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