Best answer: How does Socar work in Malaysia?

Who owns SOCAR Malaysia?

Car-sharing platform SoCar Mobility Malaysia has raised around 65 billion won ($55.6 million) from South Korean private equity firm EastBridge Partners and Sime Darby, a Malaysian trading conglomerate.

How does SOCAR make money?

It’s a platform based business, a peer-to-peer market place of people to share their own cars and make money from cars they own by allowing users who need to access their cars and rent it at a rate that’s lower than the usual.

Can I drop SOCAR at different location?

For round trip reservations, you will need to return the car to where you picked it up from. Failure to do as such will result in a late return fine or a different fee (charged to your credit/debit card) depending on the inconvenience caused.

Can I park SOCAR anywhere?

SOCAR now in Malaysia: Your Car, Anywhere, Anytime.

How do I claim fuel SOCAR?

After completing your booking

  1. Tap on the “Bookings” page, and select the “Ended” tab to view your completed bookings.
  2. Select the booking that you’d like to request reimbursement for, and select the “Fuel Reimbursement” option.

What is Socar app?

SOCAR is Malaysia’s No. 1 car-sharing app. We provide our members with the convenience to book and drive our cars across Malaysia by the hour, day or month.

What is the difference between Socar and Trevo?

A key difference between Trevo and Socar is that while Trevo users have typically made bookings for 2.5 days on average, Socar users have been found to make bookings of four to five hours on average, therefore the two schemes attract different usage patterns, says CEO Leon Foong.

Can P license drive SOCAR?

Can I Drive a GoCar with a P License? 1. We’re the answer to your prayers because yes, you can now drive ANY of our cars in all states, P license users! 2.

What is socar2u?

SOCAR-2-YOU makes everything easier by delivering a SOCAR car straight to you. … SOCAR-2-YOU makes everything easier by delivering a SOCAR car straight to you. Simply add the delivery and pickup options within in the “Add-ons” page when you make your next booking.

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