Best answer: What is the prevalence of depression in the Philippines?

How common is depression in the Philippines?

Around 6 million Filipinos are estimated to live with depression and/or anxiety, making the Philippines the country with the third highest rate of mental health problems in the Western Pacific Region [1].

What can you say about the rate of depression in the Philippines?

The results of an international study conducted by the World Health Organization showed that the prevalence rate of depression worldwide ranged from 2.6 percent to 29.5 percent. In a survey conducted by Perlas, Tronco et al in the Philippines, about 5.3 percent of the subjects were suffering from depression.

How prevalent is depression in the population?

Nevertheless, literature from the United States has estimated that depression prevalence is between 5.5% and 10.5% for employed individuals, Note 22 Note 23 between 15.9% and 20.3% for unemployed individuals, Note 24 and between 8.4% and 9.8% for individuals who are not participating in the labour force.

What percentage of the population has depression 2020?

During August 19–31, 2020, through December 9–21, 2020, significant increases were observed in the percentages of adults who reported experiencing symptoms of an anxiety disorder (from 31.4% to 36.9%), depressive disorder (from 24.5% to 30.2%), and at least one of these disorders (from 36.4% to 42.4%) (Figure 1).

What age group has the highest rate of depression in Philippines?

It is likely that the issues associated with depression and its consequences are even greater in the young adult Filipino population since depression has been reported elsewhere to have the highest prevalence among individuals who are between the ages of 15 to 25 (Hedden et al., 2015; Statistics Canada, Health …

Which country has highest depression rate?

According to WHO estimates, the ten countries with the highest prevalence of depression are:

  • Ukraine (6.3%)
  • United States (5.9%)
  • Estonia (5.9%)
  • Australia (5.9%)
  • Brazil (5.8%)
  • Greece (5.7%)
  • Portugal (5.7%)
  • Belarus (5.6%)

What are the most common mental health problems in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, child abuse, ADHD, and adjustment disorder were the top primary mental health diagnoses. Similarities were identified in both countries in terms of trend, screening, and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders.

How do you fight depression?

In this article, we list 16 strategies and treatments that can help fight depression.

  1. Learn about depression. …
  2. Talk to someone. …
  3. Keep a journal. …
  4. See a doctor. …
  5. Try psychotherapy. …
  6. Practice mindfulness. …
  7. Connect the body and mind. …
  8. Exercise.

Who is most likely to suffer from depression?

The percentage of adults who experienced any symptoms of depression was highest among those aged 18–29 (21.0%), followed by those aged 45–64 (18.4%) and 65 and over (18.4%), and lastly, by those aged 30–44 (16.8%). Women were more likely than men to experience mild, moderate, or severe symptoms of depression.

What age group has the highest rate of depression 2020?

Depression statistics by age

  • Adolescents aged 12 to 17 years old had the highest rate of major depressive episodes (14.4%) followed by young adults 18 to 25 years old (13.8%). ( …
  • Older adults aged 50 and older had the lowest rate of major depressive episodes (4.5%). (

Can you ever be cured from depression?

While depression can be treated, and symptoms can be alleviated, depression cannot be “cured.” Instead, remission is the goal. There’s no universally accepted definition of remission, as it varies for each person. People may still have symptoms or impaired functioning with remission.

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