Can Indian students study in Malaysia?

Is Malaysia good for Indian students?

With top-notch education standards, Malaysia is fast becoming a hot favourite with international students. Its educational institutes are counted within the top 200 universities in the world. The best part of Malaysia is its international students from around the globe including India.

How much does it cost to study in Malaysia?

Cost of Studying and Living in Malaysia

On average, an international student can expect to pay around MYR 7,000 per year for a bachelor’s degree. Masters degrees will cost an international student around MYR 11,000 per year.

How many Indian students are in Malaysia?

Education & Cultural Cooperation: About 2000 Indian students are studying in Malaysia, while an estimated 3000 Malaysian students are studying in India.

Can I study in Malaysia for free?

Attending affordable universities in Malaysia and getting scholarships are some of the ways that you can study in Malaysia for free. … The University of Malaya is located Kuala Lumpur, and has a number of degree programs that they offer to international students.

How do Indian students study in Malaysia?

Documents Required For Students Pass to study in Malaysia

  1. An offer letter or letter of acceptance from the educational institution to the student.
  2. Student Pass Application Form (IMM14) in duplicate.
  3. Two photocopies of the students Passport / Travel Document.
  4. Two passport-sized photographs of the student.

Is it cheaper to study in Malaysia?

You can study in Malaysia for less than USD 10,000!

Education at private institutions can cost about USD 9,000 per academic year. Branches of foreign universities are more expensive but significantly cheaper than their main campuses. … Even good news is that you can study in Malaysia for free!

Is Malaysia expensive for students?

You can expect to pay a tuition fee of INR 2,91,000-4,36,000 yearly, while the cost of living in Malaysia for international students comes to be INR 29,115-50,951 per month.

Cost of Living in Top Student Cities in Malaysia.

City Cost of Living (per month) Accommodation (per month)
Kuala Lumpur RM 2,053 RM 1,193-1,893

Is Malaysia good for MBA?

Malaysia is one of the safest countries in the world with a relatively low crime rate. … As a good environment is important for to explore MBA abroad admission opportunities and to pursue MBA abroad study, Malaysia offers the ultimate comfortable environment for students.

How can I get student visa for Malaysia?

Requirements to Apply for a Malaysian Student Visa:

  1. Student visa application form completed and signed by the applicant.
  2. Offer letter from the chosen educational institution approved by the pass & permit division in the Immigration Headquarters of Malaysia.
  3. Two passport sized photographs.
  4. Two photocopies of your Passport.
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