Can you use WhatsApp in Vietnam?

Is WhatsApp popular in Vietnam?

Popular social media platforms in Vietnam. Homegrown messaging app Zalo is a big deal in Vietnam: It has 52 million monthly active users, edging out international players like Viber, WhatsApp, and even Facebook Messenger. … For locals, by locals: Zalo is a product of VNG, Vietnam’s first tech unicorn.

What app do they use in Vietnam?

Zalo. Zalo is perhaps the most popular messaging app used by Vietnamese. It also has social media and eCommerce function alongside messaging. I would go as far as saying Zalo is used almost as much and possibly even more than Facebook among Vietnamese.

Why do people use Zalo?

Hau Nguyen, a student at the National University of Civil Engineering, uses Zalo to chat with friends and to make calls when there is a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Most of his friends with smartphones prefer it to other apps, he says. “It’s fast and convenient.

How many Vietnamese use Zalo?

Zalo, a free app that launched in 2012, is concentrating solely on Vietnamese users, however. So far it’s attracted 10 million of them, the company says. To be sure, that number is a fraction the larger messaging apps’ user bases, but it equates to about 11% of Vietnam’s roughly 90 million people.

What social media is used in Vietnam?

Social media platforms in Vietnam

dominates the social media landscape in the country, as its platforms Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram account for three out of the five. Being the only Vietnamese brand among the top five, messaging app Zalo was the second most-used social media platform, just behind Facebook.

Do Vietnamese use WeChat?

Vietnam’s most popular social media channels (and how to master them) There’s about 72 million people in Vietnam active on social media. That’s 73.7% of the country’s population. … The country even has its own WeChat-like app, called Zalo.

What is Zalo in Vietnam?

Zalo is an instant messaging app and is among the leading social media platforms in Vietnam. The app was launched in 2012 by VNG Corporation, one of the most successful tech start-ups in the country.

Is tinder used in Vietnam?

Tinder. A go-to dating app for singles living all over the world, Tinder is popular in Vietnam – especially with the 35-and-under crowd. But you’ll likely find eligible singles of all ages seeking a wide assortment of relationships.

Does Vietnam use line?

LINE, a subsidiary of Naver, is a familiar name to Vietnamese. It appeared in Vietnam in 2012-2013, when messaging apps boomed. LINE was one of the apps, competing fiercely with Kakao Talk, Viber, Zalo and Facebook Messenger. … In Thailand, people use LINE to hail taxis.

Does telegram work in Vietnam?

We’ve recently enabled public groups for users from Vietnam and the Philippines.

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