Did a volcano erupt in Indonesia?

When was the last volcanic eruption in Indonesia?

Explosive eruption of Sinabung on 9 June 2019.


Name Kembar
Shape shield volcano
Elevation 2,245 metres (7,365 ft)
Last eruption (VEI) Pleistocene
Geolocation 3.850°N 97.664°E

Did any volcanoes erupt in 2020?

There were 73 confirmed eruptions at some point during 2020 from 68 different volcanoes; 27 of those were new eruptions that started during the year. A stop date with “(continuing)” indicates that the eruption was considered to be ongoing as of the date indicated.

Are volcanic eruptions common in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a volcanically active country, containing numerous major volcanoes. It has the most volcanoes of any country in the world, with 76 volcanoes that have erupted at least 1,171 times in total within historical times. … Indonesia’s most active volcanoes are Kelut and Mount Merapi on the island of Java.

What country has the most volcanoes on Earth?

With more than 13,000 islands, Indonesia leads the world with the largest number of active volcanoes. The areas volcanoes have also produced the most fatalities.

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