Does Nintendo deliver to Singapore?

Why is Nintendo not in Singapore?

And well, sorry but no, Nintendo did not provide a Singapore region for the Switch. What many users are afraid of at this stage is choosing the “wrong” region, worried that they’ll get region locked, and that they’ll only be able to purchase physical games from that chosen region.

How much is Nintendo Switch in Singapore?

The Nintendo Switch features a hard drive capacity of 32GB and 2 Joy-Con controllers. Available in blue and red and grey colours, the console was released in 2017.

Price List by Country for Nintendo Switch.

Country International Price Price in SGD
Singapore SGD 389.00 S$ 389.00
Thailand THB 8,809 S$ 356.00

Does Nintendo ship to APO?

Nintendo currently processes and ships orders Monday through Friday. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday or National Holidays will be processed and/or shipped the following business day. Nintendo ships to the following locations: … U.S. APO/FPO and PO Boxes** (standard shipping only)

Can I buy directly from Nintendo?

What Can I Buy on Answer: As a consumer support site, we offer direct sales for certain replacement parts, accessories, and a selection of Authentic Nintendo Refurbished Products through We do not sell new systems or games.

Why is Nintendo eShop not available in my country?

Unfortunately, it’s not available in all countries due to licensing issues. If you can’t access Nintendo eShop because it’s unavailable to your region, you can set a new device region. … You can also create a new Nintendo account with a new region or format your device if it keeps remembering your old information.

Which region is Nintendo Switch in Singapore?

What is console region and what does it affect? The console region is the region you choose during the initial set up of the Nintendo Switch console. There is no Singapore on the list unfortunately, so we recommend choosing The Americas instead.

Which country has the cheapest Nintendo Switch?

So let’s check out the top 10 cheapest countries to buy a Nintendo Switch in the world:

  • Japan – $288.53.
  • United States – $299.00.
  • Hong Kong – $299.08.
  • South Korea – $301.00.
  • Malaysia – $307.64.
  • Taiwan – $310.00.
  • Russia – $310.49.
  • Canada – $312.04.

How much are games for Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch Prices & Switch Game List

Title Loose Price New Price
Ring Fit Adventure $40.85 $57.62
Zelda Breath of the Wild $35.38 $43.25
Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse $87.43 $411.00
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe $38.70 $42.27

Can you mail a Nintendo Switch internationally?

When shipping a Nintendo Switch, since the battery is non-removable, so it’s a must to pick a courier service that can ship parcels with li-ion batteries. Spaceship recommends using FedEx International Priority (IP) since FedEx the only courier option that accepts li-ion battery for shipment.

How long does Nintendo delivery take?

Terms of Delivery

Delivery to: Costs (Standard) Delivery time (max.)
Austria £6,25 2-3 days from date of shipment
The Netherlands £6,25 2-3 days from date of shipment
Belgium £6,25 2-3 days from date of shipment
Great Britain £8,90 2-3 days from date of shipment
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