Frequent question: Where did Thai boxing come from?

Is Muay Thai better than Krav Maga?

In general, Krav Maga is better for self-defense than Muay Thai simply because it was invented for the sole purpose of defending yourself. But, having knowledge of either of the two will help you a lot when it comes to self-defense.

Which is better karate or Muay Thai?

While Muay Thai strikes are more forceful and do more damage, Karate is based on quickness and precision. Also, Muay Thai focuses on using clinch elbows and knees as weapons.

Can Thai people fight?

Thailand’s national sport, Muay Thai, produces some of the toughest fighters in the world. The ancient Thai martial art of Muay Thai is steeped in age-old traditions and is an important part of Thai culture. For Muay Thai professionals, Muay Thai is life.

Do Muay Thai fighters break their legs?

Muay Thai fighters do not break their bones, though. Instead, they cause micro-fractures that fill with calcium and become denser and stronger over time.

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