How can I import my dog to Singapore?

How Long Does it Take to Arrange a Move to Singapore?

How much does it cost to import a dog to Singapore?

Breakdown of Costs for Moving Dogs and Cats to Singapore

Service Notes Cost (in USD)
Veterinarian Services Includes vaccines, blood work, and final health certificates. May vary depending on your veterinarian’s costs. $1,000-$1,200
Import Permit Required for USDA endorsement. $40 *
Dog License Not applicable for cats. $12 *

Can I ship my dog to Singapore?

Send your dog or cat for a rabies vaccination and a serology test. Dogs and cats coming from Category B, C, or D countries must have a valid rabies vaccination supported by vaccination records upon arrival in Singapore. Current vaccinations and booster date must be recorded.

Can Expats take dogs to Singapore?

In accordance to the regulation in Singapore, if you are residing in a Housing Development Board (HDB) apartment, you can only keep one dog of an approved breed in your residence. Those in private residences may keep up to three dogs, which is of course subjected to AVA’s approval.

Can I bring my dog from Malaysia to Singapore?

Pets should enter Singapore via the Singapore Changi Airport or the Tuas Checkpoint from Malaysia. Notification must be provided at least 5 days in advance when entering by land. Notice should be given at least 5 days in advance of arrival to the AVS so they will be available to inspect your pet upon landing.

How much does it cost to quarantine a dog in Singapore?

Facilities, services, and fees

Description Fee
Transport charge from the Changi Animal & Plant Quarantine Station or Tuas Checkpoint to SAQS. S$74 per dog or cat per trip. S$74 per consignment of small mammals per trip.
Rabies vaccination (if required). S$65 per dog or cat.

Do German shepherds have to be muzzled in Singapore?

All dogs have to be leashed in public areas. These dogs must be muzzled in public areas: … German Shepherd Dog (and related breeds) Rottweiler.

Do pets have to quarantine after flying?

Most popular countries for people to travel to with their dogs don’t require quarantine. This includes most of Europe (including the United Kingdom, which previously had a long quarantine period), the United States (except for Hawaii and the territory of Guam), Canada and Mexico.

Does Singapore Airlines allow dogs in cabin?

Singapore Airlines does not permit pets to travel in the cabin of the aircraft with the exception of medically certified service and emotional support dogs which are not included on their banned breed list (see step #6).

Can I take my dog to Singapore from UK?

There is no quarantine for dogs and cats flying from UK to Singapore. It is not quite as simple as just turning up at the quarantine area and collecting your pets. Your pets need to be cleared form a customs point of view.

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