How can I transport my pet to Singapore?

How much does it cost to transport a dog to Singapore?

Breakdown of Costs for Moving Dogs and Cats to Singapore

Service Notes Cost (in USD)
Mandatory Quarantine Subject to additional charges if changes are made to reservation. $200 *
Government Endorsements A separate charge of $7 for extra pets. $121
Airfreight Dependent on the size and weight of your pet. $850-$3000

How can I transport my dog to Singapore?

In a nutshell, here is what you’ll need to move your dog or cat to Singapore.

  1. Import permit.
  2. Quarantine reservations – the required minimum is 10 days.
  3. ISO-compliant microchip.
  4. Rabies vaccinations.
  5. Rabies antibody test.
  6. Valid annual vaccinations at least 14 days old but not more than 1 year old.

Can Expats take dogs to Singapore?

In accordance to the regulation in Singapore, if you are residing in a Housing Development Board (HDB) apartment, you can only keep one dog of an approved breed in your residence. Those in private residences may keep up to three dogs, which is of course subjected to AVA’s approval.

How much does it cost to transport pet?

A cross-country trip will likely be less expensive than going overseas, but it also depends on the amenities you arrange for your pet. Add-ons could include special crates, grooming, or exercise options. On average, expect to pay between $700 and $2000 per pet for professional pet transportation.

Are dogs allowed in Singapore?

Singapore has limits for the number of pets you can own – a maximum of three dogs per home. If you want to own more than three dogs, you will need permission from the Director General of AVA. It is a pet parent’s responsibility to make sure that the pet is secure at home and adequately confined.

Can Grab transport pets?

The Memorandum circular 2019-019 allows pets to be transported via PUV. Under specific conditions, certain pets will be allowed to ride a Grab with you.

Types of pets allowed in GrabPet.

Type of Pet How to transport
Dog Leashed or crated with a muzzle
Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs. Hamsters Crated

Can normal grab take pets?

*Grab do not provide pet transportation service but for passengers only.

Does Singapore taxi allow pets?

Unfortunately, buses and trains in Singapore do not allow pets onboard. So, pet parents without cars would have to take a taxi. But even then, many taxi drivers either do not take passengers with pets or are unwelcoming of them. It is a lot of harder if you have big dogs or more than one pet.

Can I bring my pet overseas?

To be able to take your pet abroad with you, most countries require that you get a health certificate stating that your pet is in good health and free of parasites. Many countries now require that your pet’s health certificate from your local vet is also certified by a USDA veterinarian.

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