How do you see elephants in Thailand?

Can you see elephants in the wild in Thailand?

Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

The Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai Province makes for a pretty unique experience of elephants. … Here the elephants are free to interact and roam in their natural surroundings as they would in the wild.

Is it OK to ride elephants in Thailand?

More than half of Thailand’s 7,000 elephants live in captivity. … It’s been that way ever since 1989, when the country suspended almost all of the commercial logging that had employed them for generations.

Where is the best place to ride elephants in Thailand?

The Best Places to See Elephants in Thailand

  • Elephant Nature Park. Natural Feature, Park. …
  • Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital. Park. …
  • Elephant Hills. Safari Lodge, Luxury. …
  • Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand. …
  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. …
  • The Happy Elephant Home. …
  • Phang Nga Elephant Park. …
  • Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary.

What does elephant symbolize in Thailand?

Thai culture celebrates the elephant as a symbol of fortune. The superstitious will pay money to pass underneath the beast’s body in the hopes of gaining the animal’s luck. Besides being superstitious, one must also be brave as elephants are the largest land animals in existence today.

Are elephant sanctuaries cruel?

When not in the camp they are being used for riding, trekking and shows elsewhere. There have also been multiple reports of cruel behaviour at the hands of the people looking after them as well as of grown adults sitting on baby elephants for photo opportunities.

Are elephants sacred in Thailand?

There are many elephant’s references to artworks, literature and national emblems. Since Thailand is a majority Buddhist country, elephants are portrayed as sacred animals from their special symbolism in the practice of Buddhism.

Does it hurt elephants to ride them?

You might see many articles that say riding elephants does not hurt the elephants. However, this is false. Many of the riding elephants we have rescued have spine problems and terrible wounds on their backs from carrying heavy loads.

Does riding elephants hurt back?

False. Once fully trained, elephants used for riding will need to carry at least one person on its back, either on a blanket or saddle, but often with no padding at all. … Carrying just one adult on its back can cause the elephant pain and over time, potentially even spinal injury.

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