How long can a Thai stay in Canada?

How long can Thai people stay in Canada?

Most visitors can stay for up to 6 months in Canada. If you’re allowed to enter Canada, the border services officer may allow you to stay for less or more than 6 months. If so, they’ll put the date you need to leave by in your passport.

Do Thai citizens need visa for Canada?

Canadian visa

Under the tourist visitor visa, you can come and visit Canada for a temporary period of time. This visa permits Thai citizens to come and visit Canada with their dependents as well. Applicants must state that their purpose of visiting is only for tourism and not to participate in work or study.

How long can you overstay your visa in Canada?

can stay for up to 6 months. You can also apply for an extension for at least 30 days if you want to stay more. But some people go beyond their authorized stay. Here’s a list of consequences if you overstay in Canada.

What happens if I stay out of Canada for more than 6 months?

If you stay out of the country (or even out of province) for too long, you can risk being ineligible and losing your health card privileges.

What happens if you stay longer than 6 months in Canada?

Canada eTA: exceeding your six month limit

If you stay longer than 6 months under the eTA program and your stay has not been extended by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (emergency situations only), you will lose your travel authorization and not be able to use the eTA for future trips.

What documents does a Canadian citizen need to enter Canada?

You will need a valid Canadian passport to board your flight to Canada. A valid Canadian passport is the only reliable and universally accepted travel document. It provides proof that you are a citizen and have the right to enter Canada without being subjected to immigration screening.

How many countries are visa free for Thailand?

The citizens of Thailand can visit 37 countries without a visa ✅. Thai passport holders also have access to get 33 e-visas or 26 visas on arrival. Thailand has a population of 65.3M people and the capital is Bangkok .

Where can Canadians travel to right now?

Countries Canadians can travel to

  • Albania. If you’re experiencing wanderlust, head to Albania, one of the many places Canadian tourists can travel to. …
  • Anguilla. Anguilla is one of the countries Canadians can visit right now. …
  • Aruba. …
  • Barbados. …
  • Belarus. …
  • Belize. …
  • Bermuda. …
  • Bolivia.

What happens if you overstay a visa in Canada?

Overstaying can lead to not only the loss of your current privileges or immigration status but can also eliminate your ability to ever become a permanent Canadian citizen. … In this case, you would be denied a visa or Electronic Travel Authorization, refused entry to or removed from Canada.

What happens if I stay in Canada past expiration?

If your temporary resident status has expired, do not apply for an extension as you are not eligible. However, if you wish to stay in Canada after your status has expired you may apply for restoration of status within 90 days of your offence (loss of status) or you must leave Canada.

Can I stay in Canada with expired visa?

Yes. You can leave Canada and return as long as your visitor visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is still valid. If your visitor visa or eTA is expired, you must apply for and receive a new one before you leave.

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