How many private schools are there in Vietnam?

Does Vietnam have private schools?

Education in Vietnam is a state-run system of public and private education run by the Ministry of Education and Training. It is divided into five levels: preschool, primary school, secondary school, high school, and higher education.

How much is private school in Vietnam?

School fees at international schools in Vietnam range from $17,000 to $35,000. For primary schools and secondary schools, fees reach up to an average of $15,000. Private schools and people-founded schools in Vietnam charge lower fees compared to international institutions.

How many schools are there in Vietnam?

In the school year of 2020/21, there were about 26.4 thousand schools in Vietnam. The country’s formal education system consists of three levels: primary school, secondary school, and high school, which last twelve years in total.

How many international schools are there in Vietnam?

International schools

According to the 2017 ISC Market Intelligence Report for Vietnam, there are 109 English-medium international pre-schools and schools in Vietnam for children aged between three and 18, enrolling more than 39,000 students.

What is the best high school in Vietnam?

Best schools in Ho Chi Minh City considered by expats

  • ABC International School (formerly ABC English School) …
  • American International School Vietnam (AISVN) …
  • Australian International School Saigon. …
  • British International School Ho Chi Minh City (BIS-HCMC) …
  • European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS-HCMC)

Are public schools in Vietnam free?

Vietnam’s constitution pledges, “Primary education is compulsory and tuition-free.” But other costs, such as for textbooks and uniforms, keep poor children out. The cost is higher in secondary school and beyond, where institutions can and nearly always do charge tuition.

How much does college cost in Vietnam?

Tuition Fees in Vietnam

Yearly tuition at public schools are low; from free to about US$1,000 for Vietnamese students. International students pay between US$1,000 to $US 2,500 per year. Private schools are somewhat expensive, with total program tuition ranging from about $US 30,000 to $US 40,000.

How safe is Vietnam?

All in all, Vietnam is an extremely safe country to travel in. The police keep a pretty tight grip and there are rarely reports of muggings, robberies or sexual assaults. Scams and hassles do exist, particularly in Hanoi, HCMC and Nha Trang (and to a lesser degree in Hoi An).

What age can you leave school in Vietnam?

The legal leaving age is 17

Your child cannot leave schooling until they are 17 years old. Your child must go to a school campus (or an approved alternative) until they finish year 10. After year 10, your child does not need to go to a school campus.

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