How many PTT gas stations are in Cambodia?

How many gas stations are in Cambodia?

We have a network of close to 100 service stations in Cambodia, where we retail our fuel and offer related services.

How many PTT stations are there in Thailand?

This statistic shows the number of petroleum stations across Thailand in 2017, by brand. That year, with 1,825 stations, PTT Public Company Limited had the most petroleum stations compared to other brands across the country.

Who is owner of PTT?

How many subsidiaries does PTT have?

PTT Public Company Limited

Type Public
Owner Thailand Finance Ministry (51.1%)
Number of employees 4,616 (PTT) 24,680 (subsidiaries)
Subsidiaries PTT Exploration and Production PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited PTT Oil and Retail Business Thai Oil IRPC Global Power Synergy Dhipaya Insurance PTT Philippines Corporation

What does a high PTT mean?

A prolonged PTT means that clotting is taking longer to occur than normal and may be due to a variety of causes.

What does PTT gas stand for?

In the early establishment’s period of Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT), the symbol used to represent the organization was simply the three abbreviated letter of its name “PTT” or “ปตท” (as pronounced : “Por-Tor-Tor” in Thai).

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