How many youth are there in Vietnam?

How many kids are there in Vietnam?

Viet Nam has made tremendous progress for its 26 million children in a remarkably short time.

How many teenagers are in Vietnam?

More than half of its 83 million people are under 25 years old, and 27 percent are between 12 and 24. Youth in Vietnam today are more educated, healthier, and more optimistic than ever before.

What is the age distribution in Vietnam?

Vietnam: Age structure from 2010 to 2020

Characteristic 0-14 years 65 years and older
2019 23.21% 7.55%
2018 23.17% 7.27%
2017 23.1% 7.03%
2016 23.04% 6.82%

Is Vietnam still communist?

Vietnam is a socialist republic with a one-party system led by the Communist Party. The CPV espouses Marxism–Leninism and Hồ Chí Minh Thought, the ideologies of the late Hồ Chí Minh. The two ideologies serve as guidance for the activities of the party and state.

Is Vietnam a poor country?

Vietnam is now defined as a lower middle income country by the World Bank. Of the total Vietnamese population of 88 million people (2010), 13 million people still live in poverty and many others remain near poor. Poverty reduction is slowing down and inequality increasing with persistent deep pockets of poverty.

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