How much is a gas cylinder in Malaysia?

Why is petrol so cheap in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the domestic petroleum price is controlled and subsidized by the government under an automatic pricing mechanism. The sales tax on petroleum products is reduced to offset part of the differences between the wholesale domestic price and the world price.

How can I buy gas in Malaysia?

All customers need to do is just order Gas PETRONAS by calling 1-300-888-427. Or simply download the Gas PETRONAS Home Delivery mobile app. Available both on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Call 1-300-888-427 or order via GPHD mobile app for home delivery.

What is the natural gas price today?


Name Price Unit
Natural Gas (Henry Hub) 4.92 USD per MMBtu
Ethanol 2.22 USD per Gallon
Heating Oil 57.06 USD per 100 Liter
Coal 168.50 USD per Ton

How long does 9kg gas last?

A 9kg gas bottle (patio gas) will last about 15 hours, when cooking with a small 2 burner compact BBQ used on high. It will last even longer on lower settings or if only one burner is turned on. Patio gas (4.5 kg) will last 6 hours with a 35 MJ patio gas heater.

How long will 2kg gas last?

2kg bottle, 2 burner gas stove, lasts us about 2 weeks camping.

How do I know if my gas bottle is expired?

Cylinders can’t be refilled if they haven’t been tested in the past 10 years, or if they’re damaged. You can tell how old your cylinder is by looking at the date stamped on the collar. Gas cylinder testing services can be found by searching online or in the Yellow Pages.

How long does 15Kg gas last?

The heat output of most portable electric fires is less than 2 kilowatts, but a full-sized Calor gas heater rated at 4.2 kilowatts will last for 50 hours on one 15Kg gas bottle.

How long does 7kg gas last?

Mine usually last two years on average.

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