Question: Is Filipino a standardized language?

Which languages in the Philippines have been standardized?

The most important languages in the central division are Tagalog (a standardized form of which, Pilipino, is the official national language) and Cebuano.

Is Filipino an intellectualized language?

English was already an intellectualized language when it was introduced into the Philippines — only the people had to be intellectual- ized through it. In contrast Filipino still has to undergo intellectualization äs the people become intellectualized in it.

What does intellectualized language mean?

to think about or discuss a subject in a detailed and intellectual way, without involving your emotions or feelings: She couldn’t stand all that pointless intellectualizing about subjects that just didn’t matter. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Logic and reason. a fortiori.

What is the meaning of intellectualized?

transitive verb. : to give rational form or content to. Other Words from intellectualize Example Sentences Learn More About intellectualize.

Does duolingo teach Filipino?

Duolingo doesn’t offer a course for native English speakers learning Tagalog. Unfortunately, there’s not even a Tagalog course in their incubator yet (this is where Duolingo creates and develops their language courses).

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