Question: Where can I buy Durian in the Philippines?

How much does durian cost in the Philippines?

Currently, Belviz said the prevailing farm gate prices of durian in the city range between P40 to P55 per kilo, depending on the variety. Puyat, the premium type of durian, is at P55, while lower varieties range from P35 to 40.

How much is 1kg of durian?

Mao Shan Wang prices (June 2019)

Durian store in Singapore Mao Shan Wang price
Combat Durian $18 per kg
128 Durian $18 per kg
Durian Kaki $18 (Johor) or $19 (Pahang) per kg
Durian 36 $18 per kg (premium) or $20 per fruit (~1.5kg)

Is jackfruit and durian the same?

Jackfruit and durian are both tropical fruits that are unfamiliar to many of us in the Western world. The jackfruit is a relative of figs and mulberries, a member of the Morocae family, while durian is more closely related to the mallows as a member of the family Malvacae.

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