Quick Answer: How many Mekong giant catfish are left in the wild?

Are Mekong catfish extinct?

It is already critically endangered due to overfishing and development – now the dams along the Mekong might finish it off completely. The giant catfish is migratory and always spawns in the same place. But the new dams might block its journeys up and down the Mekong and make it impossible to replenish the species.

Are giant catfish endangered?

The Mekong giant catfish has been re-listed as Critically Endangered because we have new information which indicates that populations of the fish have declined significantly over the past several years.

Do Mekong giant catfish eat humans?

The Mekong giant catfish is completely herbivorous. It does not eat meat. And even if it did, very few freshwater fish are so predatory that they would ever eat humans.

Are catfish going extinct?

What fish will eat humans?

Piranhas do have very sharp teeth and powerful jaws, with a study in 2012 indicating that the black piranha has the strongest bite found in a living fish. They will eat almost anything when hungry – and there have been fatal attacks on humans, including a six-year-old girl in Brazil three years ago.

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