Quick Answer: How many refineries does Indonesia have?

Does Indonesia have oil refineries?

Balongan, one of Pertamina’s biggest refineries, supplies fuel to Jakarta and the western regions of Java island. Pertamina will use fuel from its refineries in Cilacap and Tuban to help provide supplies to Jakarta while Balongan is shut, Mulyono added.

How many refineries does Total have?

Total holds interests in 25 refineries (including 12 that it operates), located in Europe, the United States, the French West Indies, Africa and China.

Is Agip and Eni the same?

Eni Deutschland is a 100% subsidiary of the Italian oil company Eni, which was founded in 1926 as Agip (Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli) with the aim of securing the country’s energy supply and reducing Italy’s reliance on imports.

Which country is famous for petroleum?

Major oil-producing countries

country total production of petroleum and other liquids (thousands of barrels/day; 2017 estimate) % of world production of petroleum and other liquids (2017 estimate)
Saudi Arabia 12,089.6 12.34
Canada 4,986.1 5.09
Iran 4,668.6 4.76
Iraq 4,462.4 4.55

Who owns the oil refineries in the US?

Largest petroleum refineries in the United States

Rank Refinery Owner
1 Port Arthur Refinery Motiva Enterprises
2 Galveston Bay Refinery Marathon Petroleum
3 Baytown Refinery Exxon Mobil
4 Garyville Refinery Marathon Petroleum
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