Quick Answer: How much is a popcorn machine in the Philippines?

How much is a popcorn machine worth?

The small handy and countertop machines may range from $25 to $50. If you are thinking of buying the huge popcorn machines the price range can start from $60 and go up to $120 or more. The huge ones are made of tempered glass boxes and tilt outdoors for serving.

How much is a tabletop popcorn machine?

Elite Electric Tabletop Popcorn Kettle Maker, Retro Carnival, Warming Light (2.5Oz, Red)

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How much is an old fashioned popcorn machine?

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This item Nostalgia OFP-501 Old Fashioned Popcorn Machine, 1040 W, 120 V, 12 Cup, Red
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Customer Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars (4543)
Price $3999
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How much is a Coca Cola popcorn machine?

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This item Nostalgia OFP501COKE Coca-Cola 12-Cup Hot Air Popcorn Maker Nostalgia RKP730CK Coca-Cola 2.5-Ounce Kettle Popcorn Maker, Red
Price From $37.11 $6999
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Color Coke Red Red

Is a popcorn maker worth it?

There is nothing better than having a fresh bowl of popcorn ready to snack on during your film, but store-bought can often leave you feeling unsatisfied. Popcorn makers are not worth buying if you only eat popcorn a couple of times a month, it would be cheaper to buy store-bought or microwavable.

Does Costco sell popcorn machine?

Gold Medal Pop Maxx Electric Popcorn Machine, 14 oz | Costco. All groceries including fresh, … All groceries including fresh, frozen and household essentials.

How much popcorn does an 8 oz popcorn machine make?

Most 8 oz home popcorn machines hold approximately 45 quarts of fully popped corn.

What do you need for a popcorn machine?

Items Needed

  1. Popcorn Machine.
  2. Popcorn Kernels.
  3. Three Tablespoons Oil of your Choice.
  4. Measuring Devices.
  5. Bowl or Bag.
  6. Seasoning.
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