Was the F 111 used in Vietnam?

Are any f111s still flying?

The F-111 was replaced in USAF service by the F-15E Strike Eagle for medium-range precision strike missions, while the supersonic bomber role has been assumed by the B-1B Lancer. The RAAF was the last operator of the F-111, with its aircraft serving until December 2010.

General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark.

F-111 Aardvark
Number built 563

What was the F-111 used for?

The F-111 was developed as part of the Tactical Fighter Experimental (TFX) programme during early 1960s. The programme was to develop, consolidate and meet the needs of a supersonic strike aircraft/ tactical fighter-bomber for the USAF and a long range interceptor for the US Navy.

Why was the F-111 called the Aardvark?

When the U.S. Air Force retired its last -111s in 1996, officials at the ceremony finally bestowed on the airplane the name pilots had been unofficially calling it for years—”Aardvark,” chosen because the airplane’s extended nose makes it resemble the long-snouted pig-like African creature.


In a long Air Force career ending in 1998, the F-111 proved to be an effective strike and electronic-warfare plane. But it was not the omni-role miracle-jet McNamara sold it as. And it wasn’t cheap. The unit cost ended up being five times what McNamara projected.

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