What are public documents in the Philippines?

What is considered a public document?

A public record is any document, regardless of physical form, that is made or received in connection with the public business of any state agency. “Regardless of physical form” means that films, audio tapes, pictures, photographs, computer files and email all may be considered a public record.

What is public document and private document?

Public Documents are made by a public servant in discharge of his/her public duties. Private Documents are made by an individual for his/her personal interest under his/her individual right.

Can a private documents become a public document?

Notarization of a private document converts such document into a public one, and renders it admissible in court without further proof of its authenticity.

What are the different kinds of public documents?

Some common types of public records include birth records, death records, licensing records, court records, budgets, reports, statistical data, meeting minutes, and voting records.

What is the difference between public and official document?

When speaking of documents: “Official” means authentic, guaranteed to be correct. It is the opposite of “informal” or “rough draft” or “one of several opinions”. “Public” means anyone is allowed to see it.

What are examples of public information?

Public Information Examples

  • Name.
  • Salary.
  • Job titles.
  • Job description.
  • Work location.
  • Work phone number.
  • Honors and awards received.
  • Payroll time sheets.

What are the differences between public and private records?

Public Record: A public record is one created or received in the course of work that documents some aspect of University business. Personal Record: A personal record pertains solely to an individual’s own affairs.

Who can prove a document?

That can only be proved by somebody who knows about the document itself or who was a party to making the document or had verified the document or approved it or signed it with knowledge of its contents. This is because evidence must be direct primary evidence under Sections 60 to 62 of the Act.

What are examples of private information?

Examples of personal information

a person’s name, address, phone number or email address. a photograph of a person. a video recording of a person, whether CCTV or otherwise, for example, a recording of events in a classroom, at a train station, or at a family barbecue.

Is registered will a public document?

An original registered document Is not therefore a public record kept in a state of a private document. Consequently, a deed of sale or other registered document will not fall under either of the two classes of documents described in Section 74, as ‘public documents’.”

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