What causes air pollution Hanoi?

What Causes Vietnam air pollution?

What are the main causes of air pollution in Vietnam? The main cause of air pollution in Vietnam is the transportation system. There are in excess of 3.6 million cars on the roads and 58 million motorbikes. The majority of these vehicles are found in the towns and cities throughout the country.

Why is the air pollution so bad in Hanoi?

Air pollution is not new in Hanoi, but remains as pressing an issue as ever. … The municipal authorities have blamed the low air quality on large-scale construction, large number of private vehicles, intensive industrial activity like steel and cement production, and coal-fired power plants.

How polluted is the air in Hanoi?

Hanoi Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI)

Current Max
PM2.5 AQI 8 44
PM10 AQI 6 29
O3 AQI 17 24
NO2 AQI 8 42

Is Hanoi a polluted city?

Vietnam is struggling with alarming air pollution. Its two biggest cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, are now among the top 15 polluted cities in Southeast Asia. Fine particulate matter (PM2.

What is the biggest problem in Vietnam?

According to the State of the Environment 2001 published by the government, the main environmental issues in Vietnam are land degradation, forest degradation, loss of biodiversity, water pollution, air pollution and solid waste management.

Where is the cleanest air in Vietnam?

Real-time Vietnam Cleanest city ranking

# city US AQI
1 Can Giuoc, Long An 0
2 Lai Cach, Tinh Hai Duong 1
3 Nam Sach, Tinh Hai Duong 1
4 Thanh Pho Hai Duong, Tinh Hai Duong 1

How bad is Hanoi pollution?

Hanoi ranked 150th in the list of world’s most polluted cities and was the sixth most polluted city in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s southern metropolis, ranked 609 in the cities list. HCMC has its seen air quality improve over the past year, with the average PM2.

How we can reduce air pollution?

Reduce the number of trips you take in your car. Reduce or eliminate fireplace and wood stove use. Avoid burning leaves, trash, and other materials. Avoid using gas-powered lawn and garden equipment.

What pollution is in the air?

These six pollutants are carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen oxides, ground-level ozone, particle pollution (often referred to as particulate matter), and sulfur oxides.

How will climate change affect Vietnam?

Higher temperatures, an increased frequency of storms, sea level rise, and other effects of climate change are likely to affect fish physiology and ecology as well as the operation of aquaculture. Some fish species, such as catfish, may grow more rapidly with higher temperatures but be more vulnerable to disease.

Does Vietnam have clean water?

Although Vietnam has improved its water supply situation in the past few decades, many rural parts of the country who are often the poorest communities, have not seen significant improvement. It is reported that only 39% of the rural population has access to safe water and sanitation.

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