What causes inequality in Thailand?

Why Thai economy has faced the problem of income inequality gap?

The causes of economic inequality in Thailand take deep root in Thai society and its consequences can be seen in Thai histories such as a political conflict between left and ring wing, and the rise of a military coup. … Second, the Thai government has shown no interest to solve the problem (Phongpaichit, 2016).

What is the main reason of inequality?

The reason is simple: People who already hold wealth have the resources to invest or to leverage the accumulation of wealth, which creates new wealth. The process of wealth concentration arguably makes economic inequality a vicious cycle.

What are the three main causes of inequality?

Current economic literature largely points to three explanatory causes of falling wages and rising income inequality: technology, trade, and institutions. The existence of different explanations points to the difficulty of pinning down causes of inequality.

Is Thailand unequal?

With rapid growth from the 1960s onwards, inequality in income in Thailand grew sharply worse. Over the past 15 years, this situation has eased slightly, but Thailand is still one of the most unequal societies in Asia.

Which country has the largest gap between rich and poor?

Here are the 10 countries with the highest wealth inequality:

  • Netherlands (0.902)
  • Russia (0.879)
  • Sweden (0.867)
  • United States (0.852)
  • Brazil (0.849)
  • Thailand (0.846)
  • Denmark (0.838)
  • Philippines (0.837)

What are the 5 reasons for income inequality?

5 reasons why income inequality has become a major political issue

  • Technology has altered the nature of work. …
  • Globalization. …
  • The rise of superstars. …
  • The decline of organized labor. …
  • Changing, and breaking, the rules.

What are the negative effects of inequality?

At a microeconomic level, inequality increases ill health and health spending and reduces the educational performance of the poor. These two factors lead to a reduction in the productive potential of the work force. At a macroeconomic level, inequality can be a brake on growth and can lead to instability.

What is the root cause of inequality?

Root Causes are the underlying reasons that create the differences seen in health outcomes. … For example, the root cause of unequal allocation of power and resources creates unequal social, economic, and environmental conditions.

What are the 4 reasons for income inequality?

Income inequality varies by social factors such as sexual identity, gender identity, age, and race or ethnicity, leading to a wider gap between the upper and working class.

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