What does C mean in Vietnamese?

What does CL mean in Vietnamese?

short for centilitre/centiliter or centilitres/centiliters. centilit. a 75 cl bottle. (Translation of cl from the PASSWORD English-Vietnamese Dictionary © 2015 K Dictionaries Ltd)

What does DC mean in Vietnamese?

dc = được. a = anh. e = em. ng = người. wa = quá (this may be southern)

How do you swear in Vietnamese?

To me, they are just body parts like arms or legs, and they play many important roles in our daily life, don’t they? Anyway, Vietnamese natives usually say ‘cặc‘ or ‘buồi’ either alone or with other words to swear. The phrases that have the words include but not limited to ‘cái con cặc ấy!

What is VCL Vietnam?

Chu Lai Airport (IATA: VCL, ICAO: VVCA) (Vietnamese: Sân bay Chu Lai) is an airport in Chu Lai, Vietnam. … The airport is located in the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, Núi Thành District.

What are some bad words in Vietnamese?

Vulgar/Extremely Insulting Terms:

  • đụ/đù – / ɗu˨ / or / ɗu˨˩ /
  • cặc- / kα˩˧k /
  • lồn- / lo˨˩n /
  • đĩ- / ɗi˧˥ˀ /
  • quần què- / kwɜ˩n kwe˩ /
  • đéo- / ɗɛu̯˥ /
  • vãi- / vaĭ˥ˀ /
  • cứt- / kɨ˥t /

Is Vietnamese related to Chinese?

Vietnamese contains a lot of words adopted from the languages of China as a result of centuries during which Vietnam was part of the Chinese Empire and as a result of trade and cultural ties of the Vietnamese with the Chinese. … The region in which Cantonese is spoken was called Viet Bei, meaning the northern Viet.

What does HIC mean in Vietnamese?

Dear Vietnamese, “hic” does not mean u are crying. It means u drank too much and have the hiccups. Please use “sob” in your short messages.

What does pp mean in Vietnamese?

Translation of pp.

very quietly – written on a piece of music to show how it should be played. rất khẽ (Translation of pp. from the PASSWORD English-Vietnamese Dictionary © 2015 K Dictionaries Ltd)

What does MK mean in Vietnamese?

mk = mình/chúng mình = we)

Is it difficult to learn Vietnamese?

Learning Vietnamese is neither hard nor easy. … Realistically, it is more accurate to say that Vietnamese is mostly “an easy language” rather than “a hard language.” However, one aspect of Vietnamese, the pronunciation, is quite difficult.

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