What does Kara mean in Vietnamese?

Is Kara a French name?

Explanation: Kara can also be a pet name for Karina or Carina. Karina in French would be “Carine”. … So, if you really want to translate it in French, you could say Cara or Carine…

What is the biblical meaning of Kara?

In the Bible it means “to call” or “to proclaim”.

What does the suffix Cara mean?

1: Cara is of Italian origin. It is used mainly in English, German, and Italian. It is derived literally from the word cara which is of the meaning ‘dear, beloved‘. … Among English speakers it was first used in the late 19th century.

Does Kara mean pure?

In Greece, the name Kara means “pure”, and is related to the names Katharina, Katherine, and Katrina. In Ancient (and sometimes in modern) Greek language, Kara means Head.

What is Kara a nickname for?

Kara means: A short form of Karen.

What is Kara in Hebrew?

As a preposition, KARA in Japanese means “from”. One meaning of KARA in Hebrew is “happened.” With a Qoph instead of a Kaph for the K-sound, KARA in Hebrew means “(he) called” or “(he) read”. … In Japanese, UTSUKUSHI means “beautiful”.

Is Kara a goddess?

Kara is an ancient member of Kryptonian mythology, and was the goddess of beauty.

What is the meaning of Kara in Japanese?

Noun. から Learn Japanese grammar: から (kara) / だから (da kara). Meaning: because; since; from. This grammar can be used in two different ways to express two different meanings.

What do we call Kara in English?

noun. A steel bangle worn on the right wrist as one of the five distinguishing signs of the Sikh Khalsa. … ‘I wear a kara (bangle – another Sikh symbol), I wore a turban to my brother’s wedding and I use the generic Sikh middle name of Singh. ‘

What is Cara in Greek?

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