What does Srey mean in Cambodian?

What does the name Srey mean?

Srey is a Boy/Male baby name and origin is Indian. Srey, Boy/Male means: Happiness. In Indian, the name Srey is most often used as the name of a Boy/Male. And in Indian, the Boy/Male name Srey means Happiness.

What nationality is Srey?

Srey (17,603) may also be a first name.

Srey Surname Distribution Map.

Place Cambodia
Incidence 3,852
Frequency 1:4,021
Rank in Area 642

What is the most common last name in Cambodia?

Most Common Last Names In Cambodia

Rank Surname Incidence
1 Sok 227,594
2 Chan 219,516
3 Chea 217,800
4 San 212,054

How do Cambodian names work?

The Cambodian name is always spoken and written in the order of last name then first name. For example: if my last name were Soth, and my first name were Sopheap. My full name would be written as Soth Sopheap. … For example, the father of a Cambodian family name Sok, Narvaratt, has two daughters.

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