What happened to Jack Pearson in Vietnam?

Does Jack Pearson have a child in Vietnam?

If Jack Pearson somehow fathered a baby during the war, that child would be half-Vietnamese — not Korean. So, conspiracy theorists, Jae-won is not at all a Pearson family member, sorry. While Jae-won is definitely not Jack’s long-lost eldest son, it also seems unlikely anyone else could be, either.

What happened with Nick and Jack in Vietnam?

While the brothers are serving in the Vietnam War, Nicky accidentally kills a young boy named Lanh (Tan Ly). Before the horrific accident, Jack is seen talking to Nicky, who’s been having a hard time in the war, and took to drinking and doing drugs to numb his pain.

What did Jack Pearson do in Vietnam?

And although he was once a mechanic, that’s not what he did in the military. Before he and his brother were sent overseas, they worked as mechanics together. In Vietnam, the episode revealed, the father of three was U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Jack Pearson. He wasn’t just in battle, he led his fellow soldiers into it.

Who is in the photograph at the end of this is us?

He confirms, yes, “It’s the woman in all the pictures.” As he serves the little girl the fish, the camera zooms in on a photo of a younger version of the man and he is holding a woman. That woman, if you couldn’t tell right away, is Randall’s biological mother, Laurel. You can see the photo in question below.

Why did Kevin go to Vietnam in this is us?

In the present, Kevin and Zoe have embarked on an excursion to Vietnam, believing they can find answers about the mysterious local woman in a photograph with Jack, and the necklace that he kept from that era.

What did Uncle Nicky do in Vietnam?

Nicky had taken the Vietnamese boy on a boat to go grenade fishing. Nicky originally wanted nothing to do with him (the boy’s mother is the mysterious Vietnamese woman, Hien), but the kid won him over, so the two went out on an adventure. One of the grenades exploded on the boat, and the boy died.

How did Kevin find out about Uncle Nicky?

Then in season 3, Kevin (Justin Hartley) discovered a post-war postcard from Nicky to Jack and the Big Three discovered that their uncle, who was struggling with alcoholism and PTSD, was in fact alive and living in an old trailer in Bradford, Pennsylvania, where he still lives.

Do Randall and Beth get divorced?

Things got so rough that fans were legitimately scared that Randall and Beth, who have repeatedly redefined the term “relationship goals,” could be headed for a split. Thankfully, though, a Brandall divorce was not among the things that made us cry during the show’s season 3 finale back in April.

When did Jack find out Nick was alive?

That’s when Kevin put two and two together, when he noticed the postcard was postmarked 1992, 17 years after the end of the Vietnam War, and the exact moment he knew Jack was well aware that Nicky was alive.

What happened to Sally on This Is Us?

We saw as a shy Nicky grew closer to his co-worker at the animal clinic, Sally Brooks (Genevieve Angelson) in episode 11, ‘One Small Step’. Ultimately, the romance ended when Nicky, feeling insecure that he would not fit in in the California scene, stood up Sally rather than driving cross country together.

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