What is class 5 license Singapore?

How do I get a Class 5 license in Singapore?

For Class 5 License:

  1. Enroll in a licensed driving school.
  2. Obtain a provisional driving license.
  3. Take driving lessons.
  4. As required in SSDC’s training curriculum, you will need to pass its Internal Driving Assessment Test before you will be allowed to take the Class 5 practical driving test conducted by Traffic Police.

What is Class 3 license Singapore?

A Class 3 licence allows you to drive motor cars of unladen weight not exceeding 3000 kg with not more than 7 passengers, exclusive of the driver. It includes motor tractors and other motor vehicles of unladen weight not exceeding 2500 kg.

What is class 4 license in Singapore?

Class 4 vehicles consist of heavy motor cars and motor tractors, the weight of which unladen exceeds 2,500 kilograms.

What’s the difference between Class 5 and Class 7?

Class 7 Can drive any vehicle that a Class 5 driver can drive, but only under supervision of a driver over the age of 18 who holds a Class 5 non-GDL license. Learner drivers cannot drive between 12 midnight and 5 am and are subject to the same additional restrictions of a Class 5 GDL driver.

What’s the difference between Class 5 basic and advanced?

The basic Class 5 road test is approximately 6 to 10 kilometers in length and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. The road test is designed to assess a new driver’s basic driving skills and abilities. … The Advanced Road Test is approximately 20 to 30 kilometers in length and takes about 60 minutes to complete.

Is Singapore driving license international?

The International Drivers Permit (IDP) is recognized worldwide as a valuable document, identifying motorists as legally-licensed drivers. … If you do require an IDP then you also need to carry your Singapore drivers’ licence as well. The IDP doesn’t replace your Singapore drivers’ licence. The IDP is valid for one year.

Does Singapore driving license expired?

If you are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, your motorcycle or car driving license in Singapore will be valid until your 65th birthday. Following that, you will have to renew your license every 3 years which can be easily done online. Foreigners have a license expiry date of 5 years on their QDL.

What is the age limit for driving in Singapore?

There is no age limit for classes up to 3CA. However, each licence holder needs to provide a medical report issued by a registered medical practitioner, certifying that he or she is physically and mentally fit to drive a motor vehicle once every three years, starting from the age of 65.

Should I take class 3 or 3A?

In short, Class 3A is for cars with automatic transmission (or auto cars) – which makes up the majority of the cars on the road. … If you have a Class 3 driving license, you can drive cars with automatic or manual transmission.

What can a Class 3 driver drive?

What You Can Drive with a Class 3 Licence

  • 2-Axle Vehicles. Cars, vans, and light trucks.
  • Commercial Vehicles. Dump trucks, large tow trucks and class 4 vehicles with no passengers.
  • 3-Axle Vehicles. 3 or more axles with a trailer (w/o airbrakes)
  • Class 1, 2 or 6 Vehicles. As a learner only.
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