What is commercial tax in Myanmar?

What is meant by commercial tax?

Commercial Tax, currently referred to as Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India, is a tax that is levied on locally manufactured and imported goods and services, and contributes to the GDP of the country. … It is a type of indirect tax because it is paid by the end user to the government via the manufacturer.

How many types of tax are there in Myanmar?

Myanmar has a progressive tax system with the top personal tax rate of 25% for resident citizens and resident and non-resident foreigners of Myanmar. Employers are required to withhold income tax from employees’ salaries, with the tax being payable to the tax authority in monthly instalments.

What are taxes in Myanmar?

Personal Income Tax

Individual income is taxed at the progressive rates ranging from 3% – 50% in Myanmar. Foreigners are considered tax resident who will be taxed at the progressive rates between 3% – 30% if he/she is in Myanmar for 183 days or more.

What is the tax imposed on merchants from Burma?

Commercial Tax (CT)

The CT is imposed on goods produced in Myanmar, imported goods, trading and services apart from the list of goods and services listed as exemption under the Union Taxation Law. The CT rate is generally 5% charged on goods, services and trading.

What are 3 types of taxes?

Tax systems in the U.S. fall into three main categories: Regressive, proportional, and progressive. Two of these systems impact high- and low-income earners differently. Regressive taxes have a greater impact on lower-income individuals than the wealthy.

What is the role of commercial tax department?

The work functions of a Commercial Tax Officer include, collection of commercial taxes with the help of subordinate personnel, fixing commercial taxes for commercial vehicles in different heads, maintaining revenue records, fixing taxes to be collected from various authorities, filing pay-role, sales and property taxes …

How do I pay tax in Myanmar?

Taxpayers can currently make online tax payments through:

  1. AYA Pay, AYA m-banking and i-banking.
  2. AGD One-pay system.
  3. CBM –Net system (via a local bank)
  4. CB Pay, CB i-banking.
  5. KBZ i-banking.
  6. MAB m-banking.
  7. MPU Debit card.
  8. Sai Sai Pay-UAB bank.

What is the average income in Myanmar?

Myanmar’s average annual income per capita is US$1,140 (S$1,516) and roughly 37 per cent of the country’s 51 million people live near or below the poverty line. But with wages lower than regional rivals Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, Myanmar wants to lure investors to its manufacturing sector.

How is income tax on salary calculated?

The year during which your income tax is calculated for the previous financial year is called the assessment year.

Components for calculating the income tax.

Income Slab Tax Rate
2.5 lakhs – 5 lakhs 10% of exceeding amount
5 lakhs – 10 lakhs 20% of the exceeding amount
Above 10 lakhs 30% of the exceeding amount

What is Myanmar withholding tax?

Similar payments by the Myanmar government to non- resident foreigners shall be subject a Withholding Tax of 2.5%. Payment by private enterprises registered in Myanmar to non-resident foreigners for the purchase of goods, work performed or supply of services within Myanmar shall be subject to Withholding Tax of 2.5%.

How do I import goods to Myanmar?

Customs Declaration and Required Accompanying Documents

  1. An import license (when required)
  2. The invoice.
  3. Bill of lading, air consignment note, or truck note.
  4. Packing list.
  5. Other certificates, permits or import recommendations, as required (for example, a country of origin or SPS or FDA certificate)
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