What is Thailand doing to stop human trafficking?

Has human trafficking in Thailand decreased?

Many reports since 2000 have documented the forced labour of trafficked workers in the Thai fishing industry. … In the US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report, 2014 (TIP), the US government lowered Thailand’s human trafficking ranking to “Tier 3” , the lowest possible.

What is being done to stop human trafficking 2020?

On July 30, 2020, DOJ announced the consolidation of law enforcement, juvenile justice, and victim services human trafficking initiatives at its Office of Justice Programs into the new Human Trafficking Division within DOJ’s OVC, to further efforts to combat human trafficking in the United States by aligning funding, …

Why is human trafficking so bad in Thailand?

Thailand’s geographical location makes it particularly vulnerable to traffickers – Land routes from neighboring countries into Thailand are not very well secured and corruption is prevalent. This makes it much easier for human traffickers to smuggle people into the country.

Why does Thailand have so much human trafficking?

Southeast Asia has long been recognised as a significant source region for trafficking of children for sexual purposes. There are many reasons for this; high levels of regional migration, illegal migration, economic imbalances and local demand for the sexual services of children—to name a few.

How many people are enslaved in Thailand?

Thailand is home to about 610,000 modern-day slaves – about one in 113 of its population of 69 million – according to the Global Slavery Index by the rights group Walk Free Foundation.

How do you protect yourself from trafficking?

General Safety Tips

  1. Trust your judgment. …
  2. Let a trusted friend or relative know if you feel like you are in danger or if a person or situation is suspicious.
  3. If possible, set up safety words with a trusted friend/relative. …
  4. Keep all important documents and identification in your possession at all times.

Does Thailand have a lot of human trafficking?

Today, Thailand is not only a paradise for backpackers and honeymooners, but a key destination country for migrant workers, human trafficking and forced labour. … According to the Global Slavery Index, Thailand is home to about 610,000 human trafficking victims.

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