What rainforest is in Cambodia?

Is there a rainforest in Cambodia?

The remote tract of rain forest is actually tucked away in southwestern Cambodia, but with one of the most alarming rates of deforestation in the world, the once-magnificent swath of forest-covered mountains is in danger of becoming nothing more than local lore. … One fifth of those remaining forests are in Cambodia.

How much of Cambodia is rainforest?

Of this 3.2% ( 322,000 ) is classified as primary forest, the most biodiverse and carbon-dense form of forest. Cambodia had 69,000 ha of planted forest.

Cambodia Forest Information and Data.

Total Land Area (1000 ha) 17652
Percent Forest Cover 57
Primary Forest Cover (1000 ha) 322
Primary Forest, % total forest 3
Other wooded land (1000 ha) 133

How many forests are there in Cambodia?

We found four main clusters corresponding to traditional qualitative forest types known as evergreen forest, deciduous forest, hill evergreen forest, and swamp forest.

What is capital of Cambodia?

Is Laos a rainforest?

Flora. Northern Laos has tropical rainforests with broader-leaved evergreens and monsoon forests of mixed evergreen and in the south is filled with deciduous trees. … Laos is also home to hundreds of species of orchids and palms.

Is there a rainforest in Vietnam?

The Northern Vietnam Lowland Rain Forests [IM0141] ecoregion extends from the freshwater swamp forests of the Red River Valley south along the north-central coast of Vietnam to the region south of Tam Ky. Geological formations are varied, but there are extensive limestone substrates.

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