What type of delta is the Mekong River?

What type of delta is the Mekong Delta?

The present Mekong Delta is classified as a tide-dominated delta, but close to a wave-dominated delta, in the triangular deltaic depositional classification system.

How is the Mekong delta formed?

Abstract. Where the Mekong River discharges into the East Sea (also known as the South China Sea), it has formed the world’s third largest delta plain with an area of ~50,000 km². Numerous cores recovered from the subaerial delta reveal that it has prograded ~220 km southeastward within the past 7,500 years.

What is the Mekong Delta climate like?

The temperatures in the Mekong delta are all year round about 25-28°C with only slight variations. The dry season in the Mekong delta from October / November to April / May is the preferred travel time. But even during the rainy season from May to October, the Mekong delta can be visited too.

What delta means?

A delta is an area of low, flat land shaped like a triangle, where a river splits and spreads out into several branches before entering the sea.

What is wrong with the Mekong River?

Population growth, poor land-use planning and economic policies that encourage the unsustainable use of natural resources are among the factors increasing deforestation and biodiversity loss across the Greater Mekong region.

Is the Mekong Delta worth seeing?

Mekong Delta is definitely worth seeing. If you have really less time in Vietnam, I will suggest putting Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta on your list.

Who lost control of the Mekong Delta to the Vietnamese?

With these three additions all of southern Vietnam and the Mekong Delta fell under French control. In 1863, the Cambodian king Norodom had requested the establishment of a French protectorate over his country.

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