What type of poem is moonlight on Manila Bay?

What does the poem moonlight on Manila Bay convey?

This poem depicts the Filipinos’ boldness for fighting for what is right, optimism (hope), and value for freedom.

Why is Manila Bay the finest harbor in the Far East?

Manila Bay provides excellent protected anchorage, since it is sheltered by the mountains of Bataan Peninsula (west) and the Cordillera Central (east).

What is the purpose of hypertext poetry?

Hypertext poetry utilizes the components of hypertexts. Hyperlinks are embedded, throughout, or in some cases “each word, phrase or line.” Each link brings the reader to another page “that defines or expands on the idea represented by the text of the poem” (Hypertext Poetry And Fiction).

What happened in Manila Bay?

At Manila Bay in the Philippines, the U.S. Asiatic Squadron destroys the Spanish Pacific fleet in the first battle of the Spanish-American War. Nearly 400 Spanish sailors were killed and 10 Spanish warships wrecked or captured at the cost of only six Americans wounded.

What American became a hero or very popular after the battle for Manila Bay?

News of the victory in the Battle of Manila Bay reached President McKinley on May 7 and soon Dewey became a national hero.

What can you say about the Manila Bay?

Manila Bay’s waters are heavily polluted by oil and trash from nearby residential areas and ports. A huge “No swimming” sign warns visitors to stay away from the ocean. Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has denied dolomite sand poses any risk to human health and the ecosystem.

What is the importance of Manila Bay?

Manila Bay is one of the most important bodies of water in the Philippines because of its historical, cultural and economic value. The bay has both local and international ports; it has been the seat of socio-economic development since pre-Hispanic times.

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