Why is Pulau Ubin important to Singapore?

What is Pulau Ubin known for?

Pulau Ubin was known for its granite quarries. Some granite stones are believed to be more than 200 years old. Granite quarries provided the initial draw for early local settlement, and much of the granite was used for Singapore’s early developments.

Can I travel to Pulau Ubin now?

As Singapore enters Phase 2, people are now allowed to head out and about again. If you are thinking of visiting Pulau Ubin, Syazwan has posted a simple guide with eight photos online.

What time should I go to Pulau Ubin?

Cutlure recommends heading to Pulau Ubin early in the morning when the temperatures are cooler, especially since the bumboat schedules are not fixed. To get to Pulau Ubin, you need to first get to the Changi Point Ferry Terminal (not to be confused with the Changi Ferry Terminal).

Do I need passport for Pulau Ubin?

You DON’T need a passport to go to Pulau Ubin from Singapore. Keep your passport at somewhere safe. These are not allowed to be used in Pulau Ubin. These are prohibited to be used on unpaved trails or off-road areas.

How did Pulau Ubin get its name?

Etymology. The name Pulau Ubin literally means “Granite Island” in Malay, which explains the many abandoned granite quarries there. … The rocks on the island were used to make floor tiles in the past and were called Jubin, which was then shortened to Ubin.

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