You asked: What countries use Indochina time?

Where is Indochina Time Zone?

Territories observing the time zone are primarily in south central Asia. It runs through the countries of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. These Asian countries observe Indochina Time or ICT all year long, and they do not make any changes for Daylight Saving.

What GMT is Thailand?

Thailand follows UTC+07:00, which is 7 hours ahead of UTC.


Period in use Time offset from GMT Name of time (unofficial)
1 April 1920 – present UTC+07:00 Indochina Time (ICT)

Is Vietnam time GMT?

Vietnam time is GMT +7 and has the same hours as Thailand and Indonesia. Vietnam time zone is GMT +7 and thus has the same hours as Thailand and Indonesia.

Which country uses UTC-7?

Daylight Saving Time

UTC Country City
UTC-7 Canada British Columbia, Yukon Territory(Daylight Saving Time)
UTC-7 Mexico Baja California(Daylight Saving Time), Baja California Sur(Daylight Saving Time), Chihuahua(Daylight Saving Time), Colima(Daylight Saving Time), Sonora

Which countries use Cest?

Central European Summer Time (CEST) is the daylight saving time zone of most European countries, specifically Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark (except Greenland and Faroe Islands), France (except overseas regions), Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, …

What is Singapore time called?

Singapore Standard Time (SST), also known as Singapore Time (SGT), is used in Singapore and is 8 hours ahead of UTC (UTC+08:00).

Is Vietnam cheaper than India?

India is 25.6% cheaper than Vietnam.

Is Vietnam a poor country?

Vietnam is now defined as a lower middle income country by the World Bank. Of the total Vietnamese population of 88 million people (2010), 13 million people still live in poverty and many others remain near poor. Poverty reduction is slowing down and inequality increasing with persistent deep pockets of poverty.

How safe is Vietnam?

All in all, Vietnam is an extremely safe country to travel in. The police keep a pretty tight grip and there are rarely reports of muggings, robberies or sexual assaults. Scams and hassles do exist, particularly in Hanoi, HCMC and Nha Trang (and to a lesser degree in Hoi An).

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