Your question: Do sun bears live in Malaysia?

Is there any bear in Malaysia?

H.m. malayanus occurring on Peninsular Malaysia (and all of mainland South-east Asia, as well as Sumatra, Indonesia) and H.m. euryspilus on Borneo (Meijaard, 2004). The Sun Bear is the only bear native to Malaysia.

Are sun bears smart?

Sun bears are VERY smart.

Sun bears are very intelligent animals! They use complex facial movements as a form of communication, they are able to memorize where things are, and they use all of their strength, sense of smell, flexibility, and physical attributes to their utmost advantage.

Why do people hunt sun bears?

Their homelands are being lost rapidly to deforestation, poachers hunt them mercilessly for body parts and fur, and some farmers kill them on site because they often eat crops such as oil palm, coconuts, and bananas. Adult females are also frequently killed so their cubs can be taken and raised as pets.

Why do sun bears look weird?

Scientists think the majority of social interaction the bears see is during mating season and while females raise their cubs, who stick together with mom for two years or more. … Many thought the marking—which is unique to each bear, like a fingerprint—looked like the rising sun, earning the ursine icon it’s common name.

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