Your question: Where do sea turtles live in Philippines?

Where is the best place to find sea turtles?

Top 5 places to see Sea Turtles

  • Costa Rica. Playa Grande. This beautiful beach is one of the top locations in the world to see humongous leatherback turtles all year-round. …
  • Indonesia. Gili Islands. …
  • Australia. Heron Island. …
  • Hawaii. Laniakea Beach. …
  • Malaysia. Tioman Island.

Why are sea turtles endangered in the Philippines?

Green sea turtles are one of the five species of marine turtle that can be found in the Philippines. … The green sea turtles are deemed endangered here in the country due to accidental bycatch, overharvesting of eggs, and habitat loss.

What is the best time to see sea turtles?

Kemp’s ridley sea turtles nest during the day between April and mid-July. At Padre Island National Seashore, we find green and loggerhead nests from May until September. Because green and loggerhead sea turtles nest mostly at night or early morning, the chances of seeing one nest is low.

Are marine turtles legally protected in the Philippines?

When turtles are encountered, certain procedures need to be followed since all marine turtles are protected in the country under the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act (Republic Act No. 9417) of 2001 or the Philippine Wildlife Act.

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