Does Georgetown allow freshmen to have cars?

Can you have a car at Georgetown University?

Georgetown University does not provide on campus parking for undergraduate students. Undergraduate students are prohibited from bringing a car or other motor vehicle to campus or parking a vehicle on the street in Georgetown, Burleith, and Foxhall Village.

Do Georgetown dorms have AC?

To make sure students are safe and comfortable they have added individual air conditioning units to each of the windows in the dorm. “At Georgetown, we really are a community, you know we’ve got about 1,100 students here on campus so it’s a pretty small feeling. We all know each other, we all care for each other.

Do Georgetown dorms have refrigerators?

Both the appliance and the cord must be UL approved. Other appliances may be used only in the full size kitchens located in floor lounges or in student apartments. Refrigerators meeting certain criteria are permitted in all buildings. All refrigerators must be portable and no larger than 3.2 cubic feet.

Does Georgetown have free laundry?

Laundry Service Opportunity

Tide has partnered with Georgetown University to provide laundry services to students.

Do you need a car at Georgetown?

Students do not need a car at Georgetown University and can travel around the city via a variety of modes of travel.

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How much is parking in Georgetown?

The average hourly rate for public parking is $9-$10 and if you need parking for 24 hours, be prepared to pay upwards of $35. Monthly parking costs around $250 per month.

Can you pick your roommate at Georgetown?

Finding/Choosing a Roommate

First-year students may select a roommate by either participating in CHARMS (Campus Housing Roommate Matching System) or being matched by Residential Living, based on the compatibility of your Living Preference Questionnaire to another student.

How many years do you live on campus at Georgetown?

Sophomore transfers will be required to live on campus two years, while junior transfer students will be required to live on campus for their junior year. Transfer students who meet the posted criteria, may apply for a housing exemption.

Whats it like going to Georgetown?

Georgetown students tend to be type-A extroverts: very smart, highly organized, outgoing, easy to talk to, and driven. This is not a wear-pajamas-to-class type of college experience, for better or for worse. Students take pride in being well put-together and the gym is always crowded.

What’s a Hoya Georgetown housing?

Hoya Housing is the main portal for residential student processes’ and gives access to Residential Living applications, forms and housing information. Once logged into the portal, you will see several tabs along the top of the page from which you can access various applications and forms.

How do I change my meal plan Georgetown?

Meal plans can typically be upgraded through the first week of the academic semester. Changes that you are eligible for will be available through the StarRez portal. For questions regarding charges or refunds email

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