Frequent question: What is parallel import cars Singapore?

Is parallel import legal in Singapore?

Parallel imports are genuine goods that are put on the market by a trade mark proprietor in one country, and subsequently purchased and imported into another country for resale. Singapore permits parallel importation.

Is parallel import safe?

Parallel imported cargo is not counterfeit, illegal, fake, or of a lesser quality than consumers have come to expect of authentic brands. Parallel importing has been legal in New Zealand since 1998, where authentic products are imported from other countries without permission from the intellectual property owner.

How does parallel import work?

Parallel importers ordinarily purchase products in one country at a price (P1) which is cheaper than the price at which they are sold in a second country (P2), import the products into the second country, and benefitting from arbitrage, sell the products in that country at a price which is usually between P1 and P2.

What is a GREY or parallel import car?

Grey imports are cars from outside the EU. Parallel imports are cars from within the EU. They’re different because all EU countries make cars to the same agreed standard.

How do I stop parallel imports?

Once the individual or company responsible for the parallel imports has been identified, the first step will usually be to contact them directly requiring them to cease and desist, in order to try to resolve the issue as inexpensively as possible without issuing court proceedings.

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Why are parallel import cars cheaper?

Parallel import cars are cheaper

They need stunning showrooms, a huge staff, marketing activities, etc. The cost of those overheads is factored into their car prices.

Is it cheaper to import a car to Singapore?

Imported used cars are likely to be cheaper than local used cars too because they will have a far lower open-market value – on which all car taxes are calculated. … But sourcing for a quality car with low mileage may be a problem. Average mileage in many markets tend to be higher than Singapore’s.”

Is it cheaper to import a car?

As import cars become more common, you’re likely to find that buying your new motor at home is much cheaper. However, if you’re after a luxury or a vintage model, you may have no choice but to look abroad. Just remember to always do the math. … After all, your import may not be as cheap as you thought it was.

Are parallel imports fake?

HI there, Parallel imports are non-counterfeit goods, produced in and imported from another country, and sold legally. The reason why we list these products is quite simple – to procure stock greatly reduced prices and pass these fantastic savings on to our customers!

Is a parallel import genuine?

What is a parallel import? Simply put a parallel import, also referred to as a grey good, is a genuine product that has been imported into South Africa without the permission (and often knowledge) of the intellectual property owner of such goods i.e. the manufacturer or local distributor.

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Is parallel import illegal?

Parallel imports are permitted–unless they are not: the case of SAMSONITE in Singapore. … Therefore, if goods had first been “put on the (overseas) market” with the consent of the trade mark proprietor, he can no longer object to their sale if they are thereafter brought into Singapore by a parallel importer.