Is Filo short for Filipino?

Is Filo Filipino?

(informal) A Filipino.

What does Filo mean in slang?

FILO means “First In Last Out.” The abbreviation FILO means that whoever or whatever is first in will be the last to leave.

What is Filo Australia?

Filo is an Aussie slang word short for Filipinos in Australia. Artisan means a special craft (food or art) that is made in a traditional way using high-quality ingredients or materials and is usually produced in small volumes (not for mass production).

Who are Filo people?

A native or inhabitant of the Philippines, especially a male.

What is Filo HTML?

Stands for “First In, Last Out.” FILO is an acronym used in computer science to describe the order in which objects are accessed. It is synonymous with LIFO (which is more commonly used) and may also be called LCFS or “last come, first served.”

What is a filo Kpop?

FILO means “First In Last Out“. …

Is Filo a Scrabble word?

Yes, filo is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is FILO loan?

Borrowing the name of a well-known inventory management concept, FILO loans are loans that are “first-in, last-out” in funding and payment. … Under the right circumstances, a FILO loan can be a good supplement to a senior loan, as well as a preferable alternative to mezzanine financing.

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What does first in last out mean?

Inventory management and/or accounting procedure whereby the earliest arriving goods of their kind (first in) are shipped after those that have arrived more recently (last out).