Is M1 from Singapore?

Is M1 good in Singapore?

M1 continued to maintain one of the lowest latencies globally and is the first and only operator to achieve an ‘Excellent’ score for Video Experience in Singapore.

Who bought over M1?

In February 2019, Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and the Keppel Corporation (through their joint venture, Konnectivity Ltd) completed a buyout of Axiata’s shares in M1, which totaled 28.7%.

Is Singtel better than M1?

Singtel went from 11th to 15th spot, with its download speed dropping from 50.8 Mbps to 48.8 Mbps. M1, ranked 33 in last year’s report with a 33.7 Mbps download speed, did not make the top 30 this year and its ranking was not indicated.

Can I terminate my M1 line?

Early termination charge equivalent to 1 month’s subscription is applicable for termination during the commitment period. This early termination charge is without prejudice to and on top of any applicable termination or downgrade charge under your Device Contract.

Which mobile network is best in Singapore?

Singtel is arguably the fastest data provider in the country with the best coverage. Starhub ( – The second fastest data provider in the country with second best coverage, Starhub services close to 2 million mobile customers and has almost 30% of the Singapore market.

Is M1 Finance a US company?

M1 Finance (commonly abbreviated as M1) is an American financial services company. Founded in 2015, the company offers a robo-advisory investment platform with brokerage accounts, digital checking accounts, and lines of credit.

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Who is M1 CEO?