What does Lao style mean?

What is som tum Lao?

Som Tum is often translated into English as “Papaya Salad” as the original dish has green papaya as the base ingredient. … In Isaan (and Laos), the most popular versions of som tum usually contain a fermented fish paste (pla ra) which adds a rather salty pungent taste.

Is Green Papaya different from regular papaya?

Though very different in taste, texture, and appearance, green and orange papaya are actually the same fruit picked at different stages of development. … Immature green papaya has crisp white flesh with very little flavor.

What is Thai food similar to?

If you like Chinese food, you’ll probably like Thai. Think of Thai food as an exotic version of Chinese food. It has many similar elements, but some have more extreme flavors such as ultra-sweet, salty or that ultra-spiciness, like Indian foods.

Why is som tum popular?

However, food historians believe that this dish originated in Laos. This is because papaya salad is especially popular in Thailand’s northeastern region of Isaan, which shares a border with Laos. What’s more, papaya and chili have been key ingredients in Laotian cuisine since the 1800s.

What is the meaning of som tam?

Som tam was originally called tam bak hoong in Lao Isaan-dialect. Bak hoong translates to “papaya.” Tam translates to “pounded.” Considering how it is made, it makes sense that green papaya salad was once called “pounded papaya.” … Som tam means “pounded sour.”

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