Where Can I jog in Singapore?

Where can I run indoors in Singapore?

Located at Level 5 of Tampines Hub, this elevated indoor running track is perfect come rise or shine. The Tampines Indoor Hub is located at Singapore’s new all-in-one lifestyle hangout place. Visitors can expect a full day of crazy and fun with your family and friends. It is a hub for people to start getting active.

Where can I run 10k in Singapore?

Singapore’s Top 10 Running Routes: Where to Run in Singapore

  • Bedok Reservoir. Photo Credit: Syed Omar Fadzil. …
  • The Ditch. Photo Credit: Zhiyong Liu. …
  • East Coast Park. Photo Credit: Eric J. …
  • Green Corridor. Photo Credit: Ayush. …
  • Labrador Park. Photo Credit: Maros Demko. …
  • MacRitchie Reservoir. …
  • Marina Bay. …
  • Punggol Waterway.

How long does it take to run around Singapore?

2 men run perimeter of Singapore

They completed the whopping 200km distance in just 28 hours. This would mean that the pair averaged an impressive speed of 7.14km/h throughout their long endurance run.

Where Can I jog in Yishun?

Yishun Pond Park – Yishun Park – Lower Seletar Reservoir Park. Surrounded by a wide variety of plants, trees, shrubs as well as bird species, Yishun Pond Park is a great place for runners to get close to nature and to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the area when they climb up the spiral tower.

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Where can I run in Aljunied?

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  • Upper Seletar Reservoir Park. Upper Seletar Reservoir Park is a great venue for walkers and joggers.
  • one-north Park: Rochester East. A small recreational park located located at Rochester, opposite The Star Vista.
  • Tai Chi. Join the tai chi groups who gather in some of our parks and gardens.
  • Changi Beach Park.

Where can I run in Clementi?

Running in Clementi

  • A good way to meet local runners is to participate in a parkrun. …
  • Clementi ActiveSG Stadium is a track in Clementi that is open to the public. …
  • If you need an open track close to Clementi; Queenstown Stadium is another track marked as open to the public and not too far away.