Which country is farthest from Singapore?

What are the closest countries to Singapore?

The island’s neighboring countries include Thailand, Bangkok, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

What country is farthest?

At a distance of 1620 miles to the closest coastline, the Indian Ocean, Kyrgyzstan is the country furthest from any ocean.

Is Singapore safe?

Singapore is an extremely safe and clean city. You can travel to any parts of Singapore alone anytime of the year, regardless of gender. However, do keep a lookout for foreigners in Singapore, the locals are safe. It used to be known as a Garden City and is on the verge to become a city in a garden.

What is the most inland place on earth?

North America. In North America, the continental pole of inaccessibility is on the Pine Ridge Reservation in southwest South Dakota about 11 km (7 mi) north of the town of Allen, located 1,650 km (1,030 mi) from the nearest coastline at43.36°N 101.97°W.

What is the last country in the world?

July 2011 – South Sudan

South Sudan declared independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011, after a bloody civil war with the ethnically Arab north that had lasted decades. Almost 99 percent of voters had voted for independence in a referendum, and the new country was swiftly recognized by the international community.

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Which state is far to New York?

The State of New York is situated in the northeastern USA, between the Canadian provinces of Québec and Ontario and Lake Ontario in the northwest, and the Atlantic coast in the southeast. It borders the US states of Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

What is the farthest country from Japan?

Can you name the countries farthest from Japan?

Rank Country % Correct
1. Uruguay 85.8%
3. Paraguay 84.7%
7. Peru 83.1%
8. Suriname 79.8%